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Let me introduce myself,

My name in Scott Shaff and I am now making 5 figures per month part time using the teachings of BTF & OMG Machines…… All while deployed with the Military in Afghanistan…And I just started in September 2013!!  

And I’m even quitting my highly lucrative 6-figure Government Job because of all the money I am making off my SEO education!!  Seriously! 

See my short story/progress below…..

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A Review of Bring the Fresh 


Hello everyone, thank you for checking out my review site.   I’m going to give you the straight up, no BS truth about WHY I built this review site, WHAT I’m doing now, HOW I’m doing it and hopefully HELP point you in the right direction.  You most likely found this review site on the first page of Google….. BTW, I add periodic updates to my progress in real time below….

September 2013 Update: Apologies for the informalities, BUT I just had to add this quick update on what I’m doing….

I started a new website from scratch 2 weeks ago (Today is Friday September 13th) and I expect that site to earn at LEAST $3,000 per month once I hit the first page of Google search results…

If I build 2 more sites just like it for similar business in the next couple months, my wife can quit her job (she is a nurse) and become a stay at home mom (a dream for her) for our soon to be born son!!

 By following BTF’s instructions STEP-BY-STEP this time, I already have not 1, but 2 pages indexed on the 1st page of Google for multiple keywords…… Again, that only took 2 weeks  with the help of Bring the Fresh, OMG Machines, Magic Submitter (crazy awesome Google safe backlinks), Unique Article Wizard and one of my best investments… Market Samurai Keyword research tool!!!

October 2013 Update: Another quick update, Today is 03 October 2013, still bouncing around the first couple pages (common for a new site)…. BUT after recalculating the potential monthly income from just this one site (Denver DUI Attorney), I will be looking at closer to $5-8k per month and already working on another site which promises to be even easier to rank and bring in the same amount or more!!…..And starting to receive a couple hundred dollars per week with affiliate sales.  Not bad for a “computer idiot” that has made a TON of mistakes so far!!

December 2013 Update: Another quick update, Today is 01 December 2013, my site has now DOMINATED the first position in Google for a couple dozen top keywords that people pay $200 per click in Google Adwords for!!!

I am now bringing in about $10,000 per month just from 2 sites, plus a few hundred more from my affiliate sites!… And I now have people asking me to consult them with their small business SEO for over $1000 per month per client!…..And I’m just a newbie that started these sites in September.

This doesn’t include my Affiliate Commissions!!

February 2014 Update: I have 2 active Lead Generation sites (more being created) and 2 SEO clients (ranking their sites using the same OMG training) and now making $17,000 per month recurring!!  My wife is 100% convinced and happy she trusted me, which is VERY important.  Never did I think it was possible to make this kind of money legally with no college degree….. My new goal is $50k per month by Christmas 2014!!


I would NEVER promote anything I have not tried, if I don’t like something, I’ll tell you….. Like MOST of those “business in a box” crap!  

The key to success in any business is honesty, trust, education, and “having the willingness to NOT give up”.  I stole that quote from a Smart Passive Income Podcast the other day, I just really liked it  😉  

Just like Kelly Felix and Mike Long, I will be transparent and honest with you.  I’ve already had multiple people email me with question or concerns, I will respond and help anyway I can.

Success is a TEAM effort, you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with….

So who are you the average of?

What Bring the Fresh is NOT:

  • Bring the fresh is NOT a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, (that is only “possible” by purchasing a WINNING lottery ticket)….
  • Another half-ass program that promises you everything while delivering very little…
  • A product with poor customer service, communication, and instructions…


What Bring the Fresh IS?!

  • A Quality system that over delivers…  
  • An easy to follow system and must-have for the beginner and essential tool for the expert.
  • A friend and mentor with excellent customer service and communication…  
  • A support system/program that grows with you at your pace…

make money online

 bringing the fresh


My Official Review of Bring the Fresh  


What is special about “Bring the Fresh”?  To be honest, when I first discovered Mike Long and Kelly Felix’s web-building, SEO mastering, affiliate marketing site; I thought “this is the most ridiculous, cheesy looking logo and program I have ever seen!”  I’ve been let down by much better looking programs before.  


 By time I found them I was tired, frustrated, and almost hopeless in my search of mastering this thing called “online marketing” or “making millions online”.  I do not have an IT degree, a marketing background or even web-building knowledge.

But, they promised to walk me through step-by-step via personal training videos (I am a visual learner)……And came highly recommended by some of the biggest names in Affiliate Marketing by people who were willing to put their name on the line.  I listen to a lot of Podcasts…


  The initial sign up price was inexpensive, though I knew there would be up-sells inside.  I was immediately impressed!!  They offered far more than I expected at the base membership level. The one-on-one videos and easy to follow instructions had me creating my first SUCCESSFUL site that day….


BUT, I made one VERY BIG mistake, which has potentially cost me tens of thousands of dollar……

 I’ll get to that shortly….


I did exactly what they told me to from finding a niche, domain name, Keyword research (this one is HUGE), web hosting company, web-building platform, to creating the content and using SMART SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices.  It was all laid out in front of me.


  My first two sites were up and running within a few days, and on the FIRST page of Google for my desired search terms within the first 2 months and immediately started making an income!  Not a ton, but a good start.  All good things take time, and I was okay with that.


Don’t get me wrong, I spent a lot of time and energy those first few weeks, totally wrapped up in the teaching. Now, all I have to do is spend an hour or two every week checking up on those sites and occasionally adding new content.


bring the fresh


Bring The Fresh is truly LEGIT!  I did all this while deployed in Afghanistan with the US Air Force, working on my business part time……  Yes, it’s that easy to follow.



I am not a computer geek, in fact I get made fun of for how little I know about software, applications and web-building… I don’t even play video games.  Thank God HTML and PHP knowledge is NOT necessary!!


     They give PERSONAL care to each individual and openly express their failures, successes, personal lives, and even personal contact info, including access to their personal Facebook pages.  I don’t know of anybody else that would do that.


 Keep wasting your time looking for a better system if you like.  You will save and earn a lot more money by joining their team now instead of later.……. My only regret is not finding BTF sooner!


There are multiple ways to grow your net worth and make an impressive “Passive Income”.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, spend tons of money on programs, or work 80 hours a week.  I only put in a few hrs a month to maintain my current 5-figure a month income!


     The secret is to find a mentor that has already succeeded with proven and consistent results, and learn how to do exactly what they did.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  

Well, IT IS EASY!….. But this is where I made my BIG MISTAKE.  I did NOT opt in for their higher education practices because I thought I could figure things out on my own by being cheap and spring-boarding off the basic level of membership….

Nothing worth while is free, I actually lost MORE money by being cheap and NOT taking part in advanced coaching.  Those sites I created had dropped off the face of Google after the famous Panda and Penguin updates because I didn’t implement crucial SEO steps as taught in detail with the advanced levels.

Don’t get too worried, these “Advanced” levels are not that expensive compare to other programs out there.  I have spent as much as $12,000 on a real estate program that was FAR less helpful than Bring the Fresh.  Kelly Felix has a very easy to follow teaching program that anybody can learn, even a knucklehead like me…


FYI- Mike Long (Co-Founder) has left BTF, on good terms to start his own unique and honest mentorship program called One Man Gang.  


Between OMG and Bring The Fesh, you can’t go wrong, just choose whichever program fits your personality the best, they are VERY similar and will ensure SUCCESS, try BOTH for less than $20 each….  


As a matter of fact, I just started OMG’s NHB (No Holds Barred) program at $2300.  After much prayer and approval from my wife of course…. This is EXACTLY what I should have done from the beginning with BTF!  

I am working on some sites as I write this (September 2013) and FULLY expect to earn my family an extra $6,000-12,000 per month as soon as the sites are released and ranked.  With the mentorship and step-by-step instructions, I have no doubt about the success….
 I’ll get more into that with later posts.


I too am an open book, and put my good name on the line by recommending these guys…..


Feel free to give me a shout anytime!


-Scott Shaff


The most important questions to ask yourself

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Why are you here?  What are you looking for?


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I was working 90hrs a week deployed in Afghanistan

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I had NO web-building skills, NO affiliate marketing experience,

and Didn’t even know how to spell SEO.

Do you have $7 and a few hours a week to dedicate?

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BTF offers this deal because they are 100% confident in their system.  

Don’t believe me?  Click below to read a few of the incredible success stories….

no harm in lookin

Also remember to Give back whenever possible… For instance, I created a site for my neighbor about a new Natural Vitiligo Treatment, with all profits donated to his Esophageal Metastatic cancer debt….
Vitiligo has nothing to do with his cancer (I have a couple friends who have suffered from the skin disease), but it is already making an income and I just built it a few weeks ago!!  He has unfortunately passed away as I update this in December, but the added income will certainly help his wife for a while.